Belgian beer excellence: Lambic beers

Belgians and their beer are quite simply inseparable. It should then come as no surprise that Belgian beer is all the rage around the world and has always dominated beer tasting contests. To find out why exactly Belgian beers are the benchmark when it comes to beer one shouldn’t look too far. With a very sophisticated beer culture and a tradition dating back hundreds of years the Belgians have had quite the head start. Thankfully more and more Belgian brewers have decided to take their product global. Each and every person in the world should be able to taste heaven in a bottle, to become a fan of this wonderful drink. 

Cantillon beer: worth your time

One of these breweries that have taken mercy upon the beerless in the United States is Cantillon brewery. Grounded in a rich tradition Cantillon brewery is an ode to a bygone era when beer was almost sacred and made with love and hard work. Cantillon brewery is a family brewery that exclusively brews lambic beers. These undisputable belong amongst the top beers in the world and are still made as they were in 1900 when the brewery was founded. 


It stands to reason to assume that not everyone reading this is familiar with the term Lambic. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and we’re here to enlighten you. Differing from conventional beers Lambic is produced by means of spontaneous fermentation. Spontaneous fermentation you ask? Spontaneous fermentation is accomplished by exposing the beer to wild yeasts and bacteria. The special thing here is that these yeasts and bacteria can only be found in the Zenne valley. You read that correctly: Lambic beer is bound by its geography. The whole process eventually gives the beer a very distinctive flavor: dry, cidery and usually with a sour aftertaste. 
The very same sour aftertaste is the main reason why Lambic beers are well suited to be made into summer fruity beers. No wonder that one of the most important Lambic beers is the Kriek Lambic which is obtained by a second fermentation of the beer in the presence of sour cherries. 


But perhaps the showpiece of the Cantillon brewery is the Gueuze. Conscious of its responsibility towards its customers Cantillon brewery decided in 1999 to go back to its roots and exclusively use organically grown cereals. These days the Gueuze, obtained by blending young and old lambics, is made in exactly that way. The whole process gives the Gueuze a dry, musty, lactic acid taste. 

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